Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blood Sugar in a Mosquito

We have gotten a lot of rain here lately. A LOT. One day last week we got TEN inches of rain. Keep in mind that it normally rains about 28 inches here in an entire YEAR. So now the rains are gone, and the sun is shining and pools of stagnant water are everywhere. And what does that mean, dear reader? Mosquitos. Lots of them. Raven-sized, blood-sucking little monsters flying about like Japanese fighter planes over Pearl Harbor.

Amy, Emma, and I were outside working in the garage, and I saw a mosquito that was so big it couldn't even fly anymore. It was just sitting there on the ground. Because I despise mosquitos, I stepped on it, which left a puddle of blood that no doubt left some poor soul a tad on the thirsty side.

Then I had an idea. I was going to test the blood sugar of that little puddle sitting in my driveway. I wondered if I could identify whom the mosquito feasted on by its blood sugar results. I went inside and got my meter and optimistically tested the blood. 104. Interesting. It wasn't Emma's, her BG was 185 and climbing fast. I didn't check Amy's but her BG is rarely over 90. I tested mine, and it was 85. I think that little bastard was fat off my blood! Ha!

Serves him right.


  1. I think our average annual rainfall is around 18 inches, but my question is this. Did that mosquito have bourbon in its blood?

  2. Great ideal! I'm thinking the little bugger had an ice cream hookup b4 he went "SPLAT."

  3. Your SO FUNNY! that just made me laugh I could picture you (kinda i've seen a tiny picture of you.. so i picture a dad type of guy with a pump =) checking the blood sugar of a mosquito splattered on the floor of the garage.. sounds like something my husband would do.. so funny!

  4. You are freaking kidding me. Good heck I can't stop laughing. You tested the BS of a mosquito.... well I can't say too much, I think I'd do the same.