Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Favorite Foods

Frankly I have nothing much better to write about today. I had thought I would post something about the pending global economic collapse, but I am fairly certain readership would be low. Lower than it already is, that is. Since the purpose of a blog is to be as self-serving as possible, I decided I would provide you with a list of my favorite foods. Many of them are not what you would call "Atkins-Approved." Frankly, many of them would not be "Colonel Sanders-Approved."

Those who know me are very much aware of my, um, fickle eating habits. For example, I refuse to even be in the same room with a bean, pea, or any similar member of the legume family. I don't like tomatoes or grapes (I think that would be like eating an eyeball), but I will occassionally eat corn, but ONLY if it's on the cob. I refuse to eat kernel corn. I LOVE peanut butter, but I don't like peanuts...unless they are in a Snicker's Bar. If left unattended, I would eat an entire jar of peanut butter. Seriously. See the thing is, there are a lot of foods I find completely repulsive, so I make up for that by eating LOTS of the foods I do like. Well, here's my list:

10. Tacos from a local fast-food restaurant called Taco Villa. Their shredded cheese and fresh beef are nothing short of delightful.

9. The Double Whopper with Cheese, no tomatoes, no pickles served with a syringe of crushed Lipitor. I can really do with or without fries. If the lettuce is slimy then you lose me.

8. The good old-fashioned PB&J. With Doritos, of course.

7. Big Mac. Again, no pickles.

6. Chicken Chiladas, double rice no beans, from Taco Bueno. And how often do they get this right? Almost never.

5. The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box. JIB knows how to make a cholesterol-laden feast of inhumanity, don't they?

4. Count Chocula, with a nod to Frankenberry. God how I miss cereal.

3. Chicken Tenders from Cheddar's. It's all about the honey-mustard isn't it?

2. Chicago-style Spinach and Artichoke Dip from Houston's. Many have tried to duplicate the recipe. All have failed. I know it, but then I'd have to kill you.

1. Hawaiian Ribeye Steak from Houston's. Marinated for 3 days in pineapple juice, sugar, and ginger, then grilled to a perfect medium and served with a loaded baked potato. I think I just had a little one right then.

I have precious few talents in life, but eating is one of them. As long as I am in the gym 3-4 times per week I don't develop a weight problem...but my arteries may beg to differ.


  1. OK - Great list!
    Now you got me started!
    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    Peanut Butter & Jam on a spoon
    Blue Berries
    Most Berries
    Peanut Butter Puffin Cereal
    Cheese - all kinds
    Ice Cream
    Hot Pop Corn
    Dips and chip
    French Fries with Chipolte Sauce
    Spicy Peppers - All types
    Bread w/ oil garlic, hot peppers and spices.

    I gotta stop - All this food talk is making me so fricken hungry!

  2. Only in SoCal...In N'Out Burger with cheese and onion, extra mayo, fries swimming in ketchup and a chocolate vanilla swirl shake.

    The last thing you remember before you hear the doctor say "CLEAR!" is thinking damn that was worth it.

  3. Oh my! Sounds like death on a plate, but at least you'll die happy, LOL! If you are at all tempted to modify your eating habits sometimes, or feel you cannot eat like this for all your meals or every day, check out one of my favorite websites. Hungry Girl also has a book by the same name. She modifies a lot of these high cal, high fat recipes (Frappachino clones, taco clones, etc., red velvet cupcake clones) under her tabs "Chew the Right Thing" or "Fight it, then Bite it." A lot of the recipes are quite good and sometimes you may be able to satisfy an urge without paying the price.

  4. Wowza! Sounds yummy.. So you don't like peanuts but you love PB, and snikers but do you like or have you ever had a payday? Ehh. I LOVE those.. a little sweet WITH the salt. It's a great combination!