Saturday, October 25, 2008

"I Drank the Kool-Aid!"

For some of"older" readers, let me explain what "I Drank the Kool-Aid" means. Simply put, it means buying in to what someone has to say or believes passionately about; typically it means internalizing what an organization believes in or does.

On Thursday, I proudly proclaimed to my team at The SCOOTER Store that "I Drank the Kool-Aid!" And everyone smiled and laughed and really knew what I meant. Really the only downside is that I am surrounded by University of Texas fans. I was fortunate enough to meet the President of the Comal County Red Raider Club, and believe it or not, he works at TSS too! Small world.

From the beginning, TSS preaches to "Always Do the Right Thing." And as I spend more and more time in various departments, I know that they mean it.

Highlights from the week:
  • The owner of the company, Doug, is a big believer in fitness. He has lost a lot of weight and really wants his people to be healthy too. Today is his birthday, and yesterday we had a quick celebration that featured a birthday cake big enough to feed the Army of the Potomac. Rather than eating the cake though...and you'll love this....we blew it up! His cake exploded! It was greatness.
  • I have decided that I will never, ever go to the H.E.B. here (grocery store). It is a complete and total disorganized, rude mess. If I want disorganized and rude, I'll go to Wal-Mart and at least spend less.
  • I'm still not quite used to seeing beer in convenience and gorcery stores.
  • I'm still chomping at the bit to get into the meat and potatoes of the job. I can't help myself!

I've been spending quite a bit of time in the company gym, and the results have been pretty good. I'm bulking back up again and feeling stronger and better. The downside is that my BG has not been good at all. I have been eating pretty well, so that's not the problem. I think it's mostly the stress of being away from home and the newness of a new job. It'll settle down soon, I hope. During my first week, my infusion site ripped out during the night, and I had to go to work with a 500 BG. Yikes! I explained to my boss what was going on (his aunt has T1) so he'd know why I was drinking 30 gallons of water and excusing myself to the restroom every 20 minutes. He was, as always, very kind and understanding. After a four-hour temp basal and some pretty aggressive bolusing, I was all good by noon. Fortunately, I have not had a serious low BG at my new job yet. I say "yet" because we all know that for any T1, it WILL happen. It's just a matter of time. For that I keep some juice in my desk, and I carry a Caprisun in my bag with me everywhere I go.

On that note, since I do carry around a kit, juice, and various office-related materials, I do carry a very nice SCOOTER Store bag that my boss gave me, and my co-worker Jessica has labeled it my "Man-Purse."

I love it at The SCOOTER Store.


  1. OMG!!! A Man-Purse!!

    I miss you anyway....

  2. It's a beautiful thing when you feel that shift in the Universe isn't it?

  3. "Drinking the Kool-Aid & a man purse?! Life is sounding pretty good!