Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Students

It has been my great joy over the last couple of years to be an instructor for Wayland Baptist University. Some of you know, some of you don't, that I earned an MBA several years ago, and decided that I would like to teach part-time. It was partially about the money, partially about the thrill of teaching, and mostly about being able to share what I have learned over the years and relate them to the topics in a way that makes sense. At least I hope that's what I have been able to do. Over the next couple of weeks, after I have moved from Lubbock, I will finish up the last few weeks teaching my two classes via the Internet. I don't like it, because it's not my style, but I have to do it to finish the classes.

Tonight my students all told me the same thing; that they were absolutely horrified of me the first night of class. And I had to confess that I was equally horrified of them. As the instructor, you are the one that is supposed to have all of the answers even if you don't. But I'll say this, I have truly enjoyed teaching for Wayland. My students all have full-time jobs, most have families, kids, husbands, wives, etc., that they have to leave for 3-5 hours every night that they have class. These are people that WANT to be in class. They aren't there because their parents insisted they go to college. They're there because they were born to be that way. They were born to be doers.

And I hope they learned as much from me as I did from them.

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