Friday, October 10, 2008


Every house has a sound to it. Some houses sound like a quiet summer afternoon...all the time, maybe because its occupants have grown older and spend more time apart than together. Or maybe they have said all there is to say. Or maybe they can simply communicate with a glance and a hand brushing against a cheek. Some houses sound like rage, with people yelling at each other all the time. Maybe they do that because that's what they saw their parents do, and so they yell at their kids, and the kids, as they grow older, yell back. Those are sad sounds.

My house sounds like children. Happy children. Children that love their parents, and that know their parents love them. It sounds like televisions changing channels, and Playstations, and Barbi Guitars, and laughter. Mostly laughter. We laugh a lot in our house.

It sounds like sewing machines humming, and computer keyboards clicking, and refrigerator doors opening and closing. Kids turning on lights and their father following behind and turning them off again. The kids asking a question like "Can we have some cookies?" And mom saying "No" and dad saying "Yes" all at the same time. And then us laughing about it.

Sometimes our house is quiet. Quiet is uncommon in our house, but it's never an awkward quiet. It's a quiet that says "We all love each other and we know it."

It's a great house. But it's just a house. Sometime soon we'll all be together again all of the time. And no matter where we are, it will sound the same.


  1. Oh man! This was all I needed. I've been on the edge of a breakdown as it is...

  2. We miss you!!! and btw the house still sounds just like that! ;-)