Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'd like to offer my sincerest congratulations to members of the national media for the steadfast campaign they fought on behalf of Obama for the last year. To those young Americans that came out in force for Obama, I'd like to congratulate you for electing someone that promises to take money away from those of us that are already well into our careers and earning money and then redistributing it to you. I'd like to congratulate all those high school economics teachers that have failed so miserably to teach young people what really drives the American economy. I'd like to congratulate those who think America should be less like America and more like Europe. I'd like to congratulate that woman that said, "If Obama is elected I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car or paying my mortgage!" To those that think freedom of speech only applies to liberal speech, I also offer you my congratulations.

And finally, I'd like to congratulate all the Republicans that decided a few years ago to stop being Republicans. It's worth noting that in national exit polls voters identified themselves as 22% liberal, 44% moderate, and 32% conservative (the rest presumably gave no answer.) And those Republicans that thought pandering to Democrats would save them in election time, there's a group of carwashes in Lubbock that may need a new area manager.

Finally, to those Republicans that are left: this is not going to be the time to reach across the aisle, because they certainly aren't going to do it for you...never have. Now is the time to fight. Fight hard. Fight vehamently. Fight with rage. Fight with passion. Fight for your country. If you don't there won't be much of it left to fight over.


  1. Very well said. I am anxious to see how it turns out...

  2. We did fight with passion.
    We did fight for our country.

    And we won.

  3. "Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to the Socialist States of America. Your paycheck will now be redirected though Washington for redistribution. We hope you enjoy your change!"

    This election is the most frightening thing I have ever encountered. May God get us through the next four years and may we once again be fortunate to see a free and democratic America.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Fight for your country!

  4. I hope, for the sake of your children, and for your own sake, that you will one day "get it".
    Money is not the answer.
    Divisiveness is not the answer.
    Anger and rage is not the answer.
    Americans *have* spoken and they don't agree with your vision.
    People are moving past partisan politics that are based on fear and bigotry and seeing that real freedom has to come to all, not just the priviledged few or it is oppression, not freedom.
    I hope you can open your mind and your heart to see what an amazing opportunity you have in front of you to find out what freedom and patriotism is really all about.

  5. Anonymous, directly above me, said it far more eloquently and politely than I think I could have mustered. As a native Texan, I do love the state, and would love to return there some day, but I am so grateful I didn't inherit its obligatory close-mindedness. I'm delighted that soon I will no longer feel ashamed to be an American living under an administration that has hurt and betrayed its people. I never thought I'd live to see a black President, and it almost makes me wish I had children so I could share with them the day I saw it happen. To quote *our* President-Elect, "All things are possible," and "Yes, we can."

  6. it isn't about race AT ALL, I'd vote for someone who had more then half a brain over a brainless white candidate any day. (neither one had much of a brain, but I digress) The American people have spoken, and somewhere over in Saudi Arabia a mullah is having a wild party(as wild as such things could get) as Barack Hussein Obama prepares to send our country down the path to destruction, to socialism, to spreading all the wealth till there is none left. Yes America, you'll get your wish, and I just hope that 4 years from now you'll have learned something.(provided we aren't too far gone)

  7. For those leaving comments above that seem to think this is about race - it isn't.

    I would have LOVED to have voted for our first black president - our first REPUBLICAN black president.

    It isn't even about helping the poor. I also agree that we should help those facing tough times in our country. I just do not believe that it is the government's job to redistribute my income to do so.

    Today is the first day of the fight to get the Senate back!

    Oh, and I will not be posting as anonymous because I think if you are going to leave a comment on someone's blog, you should at least put your name to it!

  8. Could anyone really answer what CHANGE they were really looking for?

    In a couple of years, it will be the change in the couch cushions.

  9. It's not about race. Bigotry is intolerance for those who have other opinions or lifestyles, not just about race.
    And I agree completely with the poster above who said that they hope Americans will have learned something in 4 years, after being lead by a man with intelligence and insight, a sense of fairness and inclusiveness and an understanding of the struggles of all Americans.
    I'm sorry you are scared for the future but I hope you can find some common ground with those who believe deeply that this was exactly what the US needs.

  10. Wow! Well I had to suffer through 8 L O N G years of a Bush presidency (I was astounded that our populace actually elected him TWICE)! A totally unqualified President who could not string two sentences together without putting his foot in his mouth! However, once he was elected the first time, I kept an open mind and gave him a chance. After the election is over, it is the duty of all to unite behind the new President. I have not really heard Obama say he would redistribute the wealth in a Socialist manner. I heard him say that large corporations and the wealthy would pay taxes COMMENSURATE with those the middle class are paying. That he would close all those tax loopholes -- and yes, for the wealthy there are MANY -- and give a tax break to 95 percent of Americans, those earning under $250,000 a year. Now, $250,000 is not an enormous sum in the Westchester, NY suburbs and in our area $250,000 a year would put you in the middle class, not the upper middle class. But the majority of the population of our country, including myself, earn less than this. The middle class needs a fair tax policy and the wealthy and LARGE CORPORATIONS need to pay their FAIR share. The only Socialism I have seen lately is the $350 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street forced down our throats! NOW THAT was Socialism! Obama also is not promoting socialized medicine, no, indeed! If you are covered by your insurer, you will continue to be covered. If you are uninsured, you will be eligible to pay for or pick up the same coverage members of Congress enjoy. I am sure you will have to pay for this. Considering the huge MESS and collapse of the economy that occurred during eight years of Republican rule, I doubt Obama will be able to offer ANY of the things he promised. Clinton left the Republicans an economy in very good shape. Basically, what I am saying is even if you disagree with Obama's policies, rest assured he cannot afford to implement ANY of them! So you have little to fear. Obama won the White House with 306 (approx.) electoral votes, McCain had approx. 150. Obama won two to one! My observation is that there are two Americas, dare I say the Southern part of the USA differs in their viewpoint DRASTICALLY from those of the Eastern, Western, Northern parts of the USA. Sometimes, we have had to live with a President who reflects values foreign to me (allowing guns in our homes, a war started, I believe, to secure the oil fields, when Osama bin Ladin was and still IS ensconsed in Afghanistan, NON-SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, when our population includes not just born-again Christians, but liberal Protestants, Catholics, Muslims and Jews, many of whom have differing moral viewpoints on abortion, stem cell research, prayer in the schools, etc.) and sometimes other people have to accept a President whose values are foreign to them. Conservative Republicans do NOT make up the majority of our country! Why should their values and wishes take precedence over the majority? In any event, I have always appreciated that you do not censor posts you disagree with. Freedom of speech belongs to all, liberals and conservatives. On that we can agree, and thank you in advance for letting me post my viewpoint. P.S. I am sorry you are so upset, though; I have felt the same for eight years.

  11. Hey Nick...I want it on the record that NONE of the anonymous posts are me! haha.

    I was just amused by the opporuntity to hang up on Nancy today when she went of on a tangent while calling for a purchase order! hahahahahaha.

    Ahhh, good times.

  12. Nick,
    I totally agree with you.

  13. For the anonymous poster (4:21 pm.)...That sounds all great & all, but you just don't get it. You want the "Wealthy" to pay taxes commensurate with the middle class. They are already carrying the burden!! The "wealthy" pay a much larger percentage in taxes than the poor. Is it fair that some people not only don't pay ANY taxes, but will receive payments? For what? Isn't that completely against the spirit of America...work hard & it will pay off, right? Now it is, sit on your a** and get paid for nothing. What great incentive. Sooner or later the "wealthy" are going to take their tax dollars elsewhere b/c of the disinsentives & we will be left carrying the burden. OK, I will get off my soapbox now. Go NICK!!