Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You

We're 7 months into the new administration, and I would like to take a few minutes to make sure everyone out there knows the facts. I know there are many of you that supported Mr. Obama for president, and I would expect that most did because "he wasn't George W. Bush." I get that, I really do. That's probably why Bush beat Al Gore to begin with, people were just tired of Bill Clinton. I know what you're thinking, "This is a diabetes blog!" All I ask is that you stay with me a bit and you'll see the connection when I get to "Obamacare."

There are many, many disturbing things this president and his allies in Congress have done, but what's scary is how much more he wants to do but isn't telling you. And no one else is telling you either. Conservatives often rail about the "liberal media," which members of the media then brush off as preposterous. I would challenge you to research this independently and find that, regarless of the source, you'll find that about 80% of national "mainstream" media journalists say they voted for Obama, and that 60% of them describe themselves as "very liberal." There is an agenda, don't pretend there isn't. Terry McCauliffe, head of the Democratic National Committee, readily admits that the liberal media helped Obama get elected. (It's on Youtube, check it out.)

The two most important pieces of legislation in recent memory are either already in the Senate or being written as we speak: Cap and Trade, and Health Care Reform. Here's what you need to know about both.

Cap and Trade is supposed to be about cleaner energy and a focus on renewable resources. Here are the facts:

1. The bill was debated for exactly 5 minutes in the House, which seems rather short for a bill that is 1400 pages long, not to mention that House Democrats added 317 pages at 3am.

2. The bill will double the cost of the average American's electric bill. DOUBLE. And that's just an Obama administration estimate. The reason for this is that the people who wrote it, ultra-liberal Democrats from the Northeast don't USE coal energy! Their homes are heated with oil! This is an energy tax folks, plain and simple.

3. An EPA official can walk into your house and inspect it for "energy efficiency." If it doesn't pass, you get a fine and have to spend thousands to upgrade your home.

4. You will not be able to sell your home until the EPA gives you approval to do so. In other words, it has to meet the EPA's standard for being "energy efficient" or you can't sell it. So now your home you wanted to sell for $150,000 will now cost $160,000 or so, depending on how much you have to spend. Inflation, anyone?

5. China and India don't have Cap and Trade, which means that what remains of American manufacturing will shut down virtually overnight and move (along with American jobs) overseas. And the cost of American products? You got it, through the roof.

6. Remember what happened to the price of food when oil went through the roof? Same exact thing. Obama wants everyone to buy an expensive energy-efficient car (despite the fact that Americans obviously don't want them). If you're banking on ethanol, forget it. It costs $1.25 to produce $1 worth of the stuff.

7. And finally, not to worry too much, because in order to get this monstrosity through the House, the Obama administration bought off moderate Democrats with billions in "exemptions" and pet projects. So some people will get something out of the deal.

Healthcare Reform: This one's actually much simpler to oppose than Cap and Trade.

1. Imagine the politician you hate the most. For some of you, it's George W. Bush, or Reagan, or Carter, etc. Now imagine that person in charge of YOUR healthcare.

2. Name one well-run government agency that always stays under budget. Just one.

3. Private insurance WILL fail if there is a government plan. If you owned a business and were spending huge sums of money on healthcare premiums, wouldn't you unload it as long as you knew there was a government "safety net" healthcare plan? You bet your bacon they will, and as employers bail, private insurers will go kaput. When that happens, the 50 million people projected to be on the plan will balloon, along with the $1.7 trillion price tag.

4. When the cost skyrockets, as it no doubt will, the call will come to contain costs. How many of us have struggled to explain why a pump or CGMS makes sense over NPH. Now imagine explaining that to a government bureaucrat that thinks you just take a pill to control diabetes. It's simple economics to a bureaucrat; the cost of a person on a pump in a year with fast-acting insulin and supplies will easily top $10k. NPH and syringes may only cost hundreds. If you didn't know anything about diabetes and your job was to contain costs, which would you pick?

Finally, I just want to reiterate how dangerous of a financial crisis this country is in. Ever heard of George Soros? He's the ultra-liberal billionaire founder of, and he's saying we're doomed to runaway inflation within 20 years. Warren Buffet? Heard of him? Richest man in the world and Obama voter. Let's just say he's having second thoughts. According to the polls, most Obama voters are.

By 2019, our debt to GDP ratio will have grown from 59% to 82%. That's bad. And people won't loan you more money when your debt ratio is that high. That's bad too. In other words, our debt won't be sustainable, and that's just with the stimulus money. Some 80% of the stimulus has not been spent. It's not too late folks to stop it. It's not too late to stop Cap and Trade, and it's not too late to stop government healthcare. You don't even have to admit you might have missed on this one, just don't miss in 2010.

I know we all look at California and the mess that it's in. California is what Obama wants for all of us. Many of California's major employers have fled the state because of its high taxes and liberal agenda. Where have they gone? Texas.

Liberal-run California was issuing IOU's because it's broke. And in conservative Texas, we're wondering "What recession?"


  1. If those are the problems, what are the solutions?

  2. Well, since all the problems I addressed above are because he was elected, I'd say the solution is pretty obvious.

  3. Thanks, I am posting this link on my FB page. I always thought that republicans needed to a better job making these ideas easy to understand. Most people won't do the homework to understand the issues. I think you did a wonderful job keeping it simple! :)

  4. Hi,saw your post on Universal Healthcare on CWD (I never posted on the forums, always lurked, used to chat but now prefer to keep out of the fray). Just want to say it was very brave of you to post your views on a forum with children with an expensive, chronic illness. Ninety percent on that board, I would like to bet, have views on the subject in direct opposition to yours. You did give me many things to think about, but I support Universal Health Care or at least a plan that would cover all of those who could not afford private insurance. I am heartsick over the bailout money given to the banks, with virtually no supervision or restrictions of any kind. Taxpayers will be paying for that for decades to come, but George Bush would have done the same thing. I don't believe, after that huge handout, there is enough money to pay for it. But pay for it we must, I believe. My sister is an R.N., who knows what happens when you lose insurance. She is a widow. When she left one job for another, she continued to work both jobs, until such time as her employment letter assured her she was insured. She spoke to Human Resources before quitting her first job. She had worked two jobs for a solid month and one week. Human Resources was wrong. The date she quit was June 7th. Human Resources was giving false information (in her employment letter). Insurance started the first of the NEXT month, July 1st. My niece was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on June 10th. She almost lost everything. However, there is a provision in COBRA where there is a one-month period that you can obtain COBRA from your last job, even if you did not take COBRA when quitting your job. Found out about this provision from HR at MY job (I work for a law firm). Fortunately, expenses were covered. That hit a little too close to home for me. Sis's insurance pays for insulin pump, supplies, 15 strips a day and cgms (Minimed pump but happily using Dexcom). So I am torn. What if government insurance does not pay for all this? Many things to think about, but I feel we should go for Universal Health Care and then fight it out with the government if need be.

  5. P.S. As to the rest of your post, Obama inherited this mess from the Republicans. And Al Gore won the popular vote in the election. Too bad we don't have a one person/one vote system. The economy was great when George W took over and was in ruins when he left office. I do think the rush to bailout without supervision and restrictions was rash.

  6. I agree the solution is a simple one we dump him really quick but then look what we are left with , Biden and he is just as bad if not worse . I just want to see a health care plan with an affordable public option and notice I said affordable .and we as diabetics should be the most concerned with this . I dont think that this will go anywhere , just alot of talk .

  7. How are you going to "dump" a president who was fairly and legally elected by the majority when you couldn't dump one who was unfairly "elected" and should have been impeached for war crimes?
    Honestly - Obama was handed a huge mess that was not his making. He's trying to make things better for millions of Americans with a health care plan that will address the huge problems in the current system. Perhaps less fearmongering, more critical thinking and fewer politically motivated talking points might be in order.

  8. Yawn. The whole "not really elected" and "illegal war" arguments are so tiring.

    If you live in a small state, such as the liberal bastions in the Northeast, then you should already know that without the Electoral College no one would really care how nuts they really are in Vermont. If you think elections are a mess now, imagine if every single city was contested instead of whole states.

    Be careful with the "illegal war" nonsense. It was authorized by your buddies on the left, and you might want to check on what Jay Rockefeller, both Clintons, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, etc. had to say about Iraq well before George Bush was elected (all of whom saw the same intelligence reports). Bush was simply enforcing the 70-some resolutions approved by the UN. Oh, and he offered to let Saddam and his sons leave to avoid the war, but I guess you forgot that part. Not to mention the war votes were held in open Congress over a period of months, unlike Cap and Trade and Healthcare, which he tried to cram through Congress in a month. I wonder why he'd be in such a hurry to pass it when it doesn't even take effect for 4 years? Hmmmmmm. Maybe he was following Tom Daschle's advice and ramming it through before anyone could read it..

    Millions, huh? How SURE are you about that 46 million number? Let's assume for a moment that number is correct (which it isn't), so the other 275 million people should pay more and get less in return? And if you think it won't lead to rationing, you're kidding yourself or are a blind Obama-loyalist like the Union thugs he sends to healthcare townhalls.

    And the "huge mess" like 5.6% unemployment brought on by the failed housing market which, by the way, is the direct result of threats made by liberal lawmakers toward lenders. "Give loans to people who can't afford them," they said, "or we'll sue you." Thus came variable-rate mortgages and voila.

    Fear-mongering? Really? Like when the Republicans proposed that the government slow the rate of growth in Medicare and Social Security back in the 90s, and the liberals shouted that the "Neo-cons" wanted old people to eat dog food and die in the streets? It's especially ironic given that this president is proposing to do the very same thing. Much like the liberal reaction to conservative protests on taxes and health care reform, the hypocrisy is truly laughable.

    I expect that either you won't reply, or you'll just resort to the liberal tactic of calling me a racist, sexist, bigot, etc. Which is fine, you and I know clearly the signs of intellectual surrender. The truth is that the facts do not wash with the claims this president is making; and people like you are too stubbornly insistent to avoid being proven incorrect that rather than admitting you didn't know as much about him as you thought, you cling to the old "Bush's economy" and "Bush's illegal war" nonsense.

    Nice try. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your bitter life as you watch Obama suffer the third- fastest drop below 50% since WWII. Check it out on Gallup. It's my screensaver.

  9. It's not me saying the war is illegal, nor is it "nonsense". The US would have had to obtain a second Security Council resolution which didn't happen. The ones from the Gulf war did not cover this invasion. Blix (the UN weapons inspector) advised it was illegal, the UK Attorney General, Annan. Most of the western world do not agree that the US acted legally. Bush pegged 9/11 on Iraq on September 12 and has never been able to prove a link but has managed to convince Americans not to worry about those pesky elements of evidence, law, or ethics.

    I'm not interested in trading insults with you. I read your blog because I think it is important to see the other sides of the arguments so to speak. I don't know if you are racist, sexist or bigotted. I do think you are choosing not to educate yourself or to think critically or independently about the hysterical republican talking points you parrot here. I do think you and those who think like you are immensely afraid of the power shift away from a white male dominated society because it means you have to find a new way to relate to the world that isn't based on the good ol' boy texas approach.
    I don't understand those who lack the compassion to see that health care is a basic human right, and who lack the foresight to realize that the current have/have not system harms us all.

    I bet we would disagree on just about everything but just because I think you are wrong doesn't mean I don't think you deserve a modicum of respect, or that we can't disagree respectfully and without insult. Clearly we disagree on that point as well.
    Have a good night.

  10. Well that ended up about like I thought it would.

    Maybe I'll allow the UN's Chief Weapons Inspector to take this one: "Iraq appears not to have come to a genuine acceptance -- not even today -- of the disarmament, which was demanded of it and which it needs to carry out to win the confidence of the world and to live in peace." Blix went on to state that the Iraqi regime had allegedly misplaced "1,000 tonnes" of VX nerve agent -- one of the most toxic ever developed."

    And Bush never pegged 9/11 on Iraq. Ever. He was trying to prevent Iraq from doing what it had done a number of times: invade a neighbor (Iran and Kuwait) and use biological weapons (Iran and its own people).

    And if healthcare is a basic human right, then why take away the care most people enjoy in this country, in order to serve the real number who don't have INSURANCE but want it? The idea that there is no care for the poor is an outright lie.

    And I suppose that if the "white male's" dream is to free the poor and minorites from the modern shackles of slavery (public housing, welfare) and thus the Democratic vote, then call me guilty.

  11. Oh for Pete's sake turn off Beck and Hannity and think for yourself.
    1. No one is taking health care away. The bill is a mechanism to provide it.
    2. The patchwork of care for the poor/uninsured is atrocious - people are lining up to get basic preventative care in cattle barns in Tenessee.
    3. The Pentagon Inspector General and the Senate Intelligence Commitee would disagree with you about Bush's 9/11-Iraq misrepresentations.
    IN the years following 9/11 Bush et al tied 9/11 to Iraq in every speech, news conference they could. 70% of Americans believed Sadam Hussein was directly responsible for the 9/11 attacks because every time 9/11 was mentioned so was Iraq. The offensive in Afghanistan to actually deal with the cause of 9/11 was a sidelined issue because Bush needed to justify the illegal war which has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and cost billions of dollars. Yeah you'll have to forgive me when I say I can't wrap my head around people who preach the sanctity of life and yet support war over health care. Huge dichotomy.

    If you want to base your arguments on the VX issue you need to read the UNMOVIC document that details what that means. That agent degrades over time. What was produced in the 90s would not have been usable. The US has vast amounts of similar WMD agents which are unaccounted for, and is one of two countries that have made major extended use of WMD since WW2 (the other country being Iraq). Hmmm - interesting no?